New Bedford, Massachusetts, Bankruptcy - A Federal Program

New Bedford, Massachusetts,
Bankruptcy - A Federal Program

Let your government help you. If you are an individual or business seeking to end creditor harassment and collections notices, we can help you choose the best debt repayment or bankruptcy filing for your needs. With over 1,600 cases filed, we help you reclaim your financial security and structure.
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - Debt Liquidation
Prepare for Chapter 7
Available to both businesses and individuals, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a liquidation of your non-exempt assets. This property is then sold and the proceeds are used to pay creditors. All debts remaining after your assets are sold are completely discharged, leaving you debt-free.
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy - Repayment Plan
Prepare for Chapter 13
With a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you agree to repay your creditors under a payment plan lasting approximately three to five years. All payments are made under the supervision of the bankruptcy court, with the opportunity to negotiate lower payments and reduce principal amounts.
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We personally guide you through your financial decisions and restructuring. We are based in Wellesley, Massachusetts and represent clients throughout the Greater Boston area, offering Chapter 7 Bankruptcy - Debt Liquidation and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy - Repayment Plans

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A Federal Bankruptcy
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